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Beech Class

Welcome to Beech Class pages where we hope you will find out all about our Year 3 children and what they have been learning.

Beech Class has 30 children and the class is taught by Mr Haycock and Mrs Wood - like the other classes they also get up to all kinds of fun learning!

 Terms 3 and 4 Newsletter 2020

Home Learning Term 3


The first two terms in Beech Class 2019-20 have been exciting and very busy.

In maths, we have been learning about place value, addition and subtraction using manipulatives like base 10 blocks and place value counters.  We then learned to use the compact column addition and subtraction with an exchange.

In English, we read Stone Age Boy, How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth and Aesop’s Fables. We learned to write recounts, letters, instructions and our own fables.

In History, we learned about people lived in the Stone Age by making things out of stone tools. We examined Stone Age cave painting and then made our own Cave Paintings using charcoal and wax crayons on brown paper. We learned to make a Stone Age Recipe, Stewed Fruit. It was delicious! We also learned about the different types of homes Stone Age people lived in. We then designed and built our own model Stone Age Homes!

In Geography, we learned all about the United Kingdom by using atlases to find information about countries, counties, rivers and mountains in the UK.

In Science, we learned about eating healthy and the human body. Our new class friend, Keith, helped us learn about the different bones in the human body. We also made a model of the muscles in the human arm using table tennis balls and elastic bands. We also learned about light and conducted several experiments to investigate shadows and reflections.

In RE, we learned about Sikhism and Christianity. We learned about how Christians prepare for Christmas and we made our own class Jesse Tree and Advent Wreaths.

We learned to play pop-lacrosse this term and took part in a tournament in school. It was so much fun!

The first two terms were full of a lot of learning and we are ready for a well-deserved Christmas break!

 Lots of photos in the Gallery Section of the website - here are just a few:




Last year's fun learning is listed below:

Update on learning in Terms 5 and 6 2019

Beech Class have had a very busy and exciting term 5 and 6.

In history, the children learned all about the Anglo-Saxons and how they settled England. They especially enjoyed learning about how to make natural dyes to dye white wool different colours and then used this wool to design their own Anglo-Saxon tunic.

In geography, the children have really loved learning about Rainforests. They loved learning about and researching all the different animals that live in various layers of the Rainforest.

In English, the children have learned to write dilemma, adventure stories and different types of poetry. They especially loved our rainforest topic, and loved reading The Great Kapok Tree and Over in the Jungle: A Rainforest Rhyme. All the children’s writing has really improved over these last two terms.

In maths, the children learned about fractions, length and perimeter, how to tell the time and geometry. Thankfully, the children are no longer asking me how long until playtime because they can figure it out themselves!

In science, the children have been learning all about plants. We have done several investigations over these last two terms. We dug up weeds and placed them in water bottles. We were all amazed to see that the weeds not only lived, but they flourished, and the children were able to measure how much the roots grew over several weeks.       


We also germinated pea seeds and planted them in different pots. We placed some pots outside, some inside and some in the cupboard. The children were able to compare the progress of the different plants and able to use this to discuss want plants need to flourish. We also dissected lilies and separated them into different parts. The children learned the different names of these parts and what role they had in the reproduction of flowering plants.

It’s been an amazing last two terms. I have loved teaching the children and I am proud, and a little sad, to see them go to Year 4. Have a fantastic Summer Holiday!


 Update on learning in Terms 3 and 4 2019

Beech Class have had a very busy and exciting Term 3 and 4.

The children absolutely loved learning about violent volcanoes; how they are made and erupt; the different types and even why people choose to live by them. We ended off the topic by making our own volcanoes and used baking soda and vinegar to set them off on the last day of term.

In English, we learned to write setting descriptions and one of our focuses was on describing a volcanic eruption. We looked at using our senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch) to generate ideas of things we could describe. We then looked at using adjectives to create exciting expanded noun phrases to describe these. We also explored the idea of using similes and personification to make our descriptions even better. We also played around with using fronted adverbials and varied sentence openers to change the impact our sentences had on the viewer.

In maths, we learned about money. The children learned to count amounts of money. We explored how to add and subtract these amounts in order to give change when shopping.

We then looked at fractions and the different ways they can be represented: words; drawings; counters; bar models and number lines. The children then focused on tenths and were introduced to the use of decimals to represent tenths.

In science, we learned about different types of rocks and compared their physical qualities. They then explored how fossils were formed and had a go at making their own in order to better understand how this process works. We then looked at the contents of soil and how it is made and used.

It was a busy term and I hope everyone had a fantastic and refreshing Easter break!






Beech Class have had a very busy and creative term.

In English, we learned to write a set of instructions about washing a woolly mammoth. While learning the correct format, we followed a set of instructions about building our own woolly mammoth out of old milk cartons and brown tissue paper.

In the second half of the term, we read parts of Alice and Wonderland. We used this text to learn about performing and writing our own play scripts.

In Maths, we have been learning about multiplication and division. Using multilink cubes and drawings, we have been learning to work out multiplication and division facts for our 3, 4 and 8 times table.

In DT, we researched several types of stone age homes from different periods in time. Using this research, the children then worked in groups to design and plan a model stone age home. Using ready made materials like clay, wood and leaves, the children then worked in their groups to bring their designs to life and build their own model stone age home. The children had a lot of fun, but the task was challenging. The children learned a lot about working in a group of people to complete a task.

In Geography, we have been learning about the United Kingdom. The children used atlases to lookup geographical information about the United Kingdom: cities, counties, rivers, seas and mountains. For homework, some of the children chose to bake a cake from one of the countries in the United Kingdom. Mrs Charles and I both agree that they have been delicious!


In Science we have been learning about light. The children have used torches and various materials to investigate the various properties of light, reflection and shadows.

It has been a really busy term, and I think the children have earned a well-deserved Christmas break!