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Cherry Class

Welcome to Cherry Class pages where we hope you will find out all about our Year 2 children and what they have been learning.

Cherry Class has 30 children and the class is taught by Miss Farnfield, Mrs Moulin and Mrs Arnold - like the other classes they also get up to all kinds of fun learning!

Newsletter Term 3+4

Home Learning T3+4 2020

Terms 1+2 2019 Update

During English in Term 1, the class text was the Paper Bag Princess. Cherry Class learnt how to write character and setting descriptions, predict events and retell a story. Cherry Class loved this story and especially loved role-playing it.

Throughout Term 2, we have been writing about Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes Cherry Class have created some awesome List poems about fireworks using alliteration, onomatopoeia and similes – I was extremely proud of the children’s enthusiasm and effort in this topic.

We have also written a non-chronological report about Guy Fawkes, using subheadings, pictures and captions and writing with ‘who, what, where, when and why’ to create an opening paragraph for our non-chronological text. We are now writing a recount in the form of a newspaper report and as such, we have been learning to write with inverted commas to write up role-play interviews.  

In Maths, we have been learning all about place value, addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. We have used a variety of manipulatives to help our learning such as Base 10, cubes, Numicon and number lines.

Cherry Class especially enjoy the multiplication game ‘Sit Down’ where they learn their multiplication forwards and backwards, the last child standing gets to pick a treat from the gold box, We are impressed with how quickly the children are learning their times tables – well done Cherry Class!

In Art, we have learnt about Andy Goldsworthy were we created our own artworks from natural materials, we will revisit Andy Goldsworthy in Term 6 so we can build sea scape sculptures to coincide with our Pirate topic! We have also learnt about Jackson Pollock and his invention of drip painting. We were able to create our own firework drip painting masterpieces.

In Geography, we learnt about the UK, its seas, capital cities and landmarks. We enjoyed this topic so much that we have carried it on into Term 2 where we are learning about the worlds 7 continents and 5 oceans.  

In Science, we have been learning about Materials we have just begun to create our own three little pig houses. After completing some experiments (throughout term 1 and 2) on a variety of materials Cherry Class discussed and decided (in groups) what materials they thought were best to make our house with.  







Last year's fun learning is listed below:

Update on our Learning in Terms 5 +6 2019

In English, the class text was the Tunnel by Anthony Browne. Using this book Cherry Class learnt how to write a fantasy story. The children wrote character descriptions and used these to make comparisons. They wrote setting descriptions, one of which was their own predictions for where they thought the tunnel would take Jack. Eventually, after coming to an end of the book, Cherry class were most upset that the story did not explain what had happened to Jack after he had crawled through the tunnel, so they decided they wanted to write a letter to the author. This led into a new English topic, letter writing. They received a letter from Blackbeard, which they responded to and in the last full week of term, Cherry Class wrote a letter to Anthony Browne, the children now eagerly await a response.     

In Maths, we have been learning all about measurement. We have made Pirate Punch for capacity, measured with cm, mm, and meters, and weighed most of the resources in our classroom including ourselves. We have also been learning about sequences and direction.

In Art, we revisited all the techniques we have learnt over the past academic year and used them to create our own sandscape and pirate artworks. During our last two days of being in year 2, we learnt about a new artist Ted Harrison and created some phenomenal pieces of artwork.

In Topic, we learnt about Pirates and visited the National Maritime Museum where the children completed a few different activities and attended pirate school, which we all loved. The children behaved impeccably and Mrs Wood and I were very proud of them well done Cherry class!

In Science, we have been learning about Living Things and their Habitats we learnt about, a variety of habitats including microhabitats. We created food chains and learnt how these changed depending on the habitat and which animals lived there. Cherry Class especially enjoyed our practical Science lessons where we went pond dipping, and bug hunting around the school grounds.

I am so proud of Cherry Class and I have loved every minute of this academic year! Although I feel sad that I will not be teaching the class again next year, I know they are going to love their year with Mr Haycock and the amazing Mrs Wood! Cherry Class never forget how amazing you are!

I would also like to say a fond farewell to these two amazing boys Tristan and William – what superstars you are! You will both be amazing in your new schools, keep smiling and do not forget us here at Lympne, because we will not forget either of you.



Update on our learning in Terms 3+4

Cherry Class have had a very busy term and have continued to make Mrs Wood and I very proud.

In English, we learned to write a set of instructions about how to make marshmallow Krispy cakes. We followed a simple set of instructions to make the cakes first. From this knowledge, we were able to write our own set of instructions



We wrote a non-chronological report about Australia and learnt about free verse poems. We used alliteration and onomatopoeia to plan and create a shared mother’s day poem and eventually wrote our very own free verse poem using the correct features.

In Maths, we have been learning about multiplication, division, fractions and geometry. We used our knowledge of 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables to help us solve division equations.

In Art, we learnt about pointillism, created our own pointillism pictures, and even created these on the computers to be able to compare the two. We also researched aboriginal artwork and identified a variety of features, such as; patterns, colours and themes from this we were able to create our own aboriginal paintings, which have now made up a display.

In Topic, we learnt about Canterbury and visited the Beaney museum where the children made habitats for a variety of animals and were able to undertake some hands on activities. We also learnt about Australia we focused on landmarks, animals and its history. The children produced some amazing home learning for this topic, well done Cherry Class!



In Science, we have been learning about animals including humans we learnt about, our basic needs, keeping healthy through having a balance diet and exercise, keeping clean, growing and changing and adults and their babies.



Terms 1+2


During English lessons, we have completed a retelling of two modern day fairy tales; The Paper Bag Princess and The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig.

We have also written two non-fiction pieces of writing; a recount of our trip around Lympne and an explanation text on how to keep safe during Bonfire Night. Finally, we learnt Daisy the Dreadful Dragon, which the children produced some fantastic list poems. Cherry Class particularly enjoyed reciting this poem.


Cherry Class have been super stars in maths lessons completing some very tricky maths problems. They have leant place value and number, addition and subtraction, which included; word problems, column additions including crossing 10 and column subtraction including exchanging. They have also been multiplying and dividing through a various range of maths, such as; arrays, inverse operations and commutative law. Finally, Cherry Class have started to learn about fractions of amounts and shapes, looking at 1/2, 1/3, 14, 2/4 and 3/4.


During both term 1 and 2 the science topic was materials, the children learnt different properties and suitability of various materials; we looked at the Paper Bag Princess and questioned whether paper was suitable for a dress. In groups, the children dressed one of the children up in a paper dress and completed some activities that they thought Elizabeth (the Paper Bag Princess) may have encountered during her journey to save the love of her life, Prince Ronald.


We also discussed materials that are waterproof and buoyant, armed with this knowledge the children made boats from the materials they decided were suitable, there were various outcomes when we tested them on water!




In term 1 we learnt about the creation of the world, we looked at the bible story Genesis 1, the Seven Days of Creation. During term 2, we learnt what incarnation means (God in the flesh) and how this links to the bible through the Holy Trinity. We recapped and used role-play to re-enact the nativity and discussed who, we thought, knew God had come to Earth through Jesus. We also learnt why Christmas is so important to Christians.    


During Topic this year we have learnt about mapping, we mapped the school and around Lympne, working with year 5. We also looked at the United Kingdom the four countries within the UK, learning about their capital cities and some important landmarks. We learnt about the seven continent and the five oceans and were able to map these on a world map. In term two we learnt about the Gunpowder plot and Guy Fawkes, we learnt about the key events leading up to the Gunpowder plot and reasons why the 13 conspirators, including Guy Fawkes, wanted to kill James I. During science, we learnt about flammable materials, after, the children made their own Guy Fawkes.


Cherry class have learnt how to programme and were able to give instructions to their Beebots and each other. They learnt that instructions need to be simple but with enough detail so that the outcome is the one they had planned for.

We have also learnt the importance of online safety we have discussed many different areas of online safety, using the story of Chicken Clickin to help with our understanding of staying safe when online.


Finally, I just wanted to say a massive thank you, for all the support you have given your children with their homework. We have had some amazing pieces come in and the children have loved either showing them, looking at them or eating them (in some cases).


Cherry Class have had a very busy term and have continued to make Mrs Wood and I very proud.

In English, we learned to write a set of instructions about how to make marshmallow Krispy cakes. We followed a simple set of instructions to make the cakes first. From this knowledge, we were able to write our own set of instructions

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