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Useful Links


As a school we wholeheartedly believe that our role is to ensure that the children who attend Lympne School ‘Grow Together and Branch Out’.

As such we believe that one of our principle roles is to open the eyes of our pupils to the world of possibilities that lies before them and to encourage them to marvel in the excitement and beauty of life itself.

More than anything we want our children to leave our school with the confidence and skills they need to approach the next exciting step in their lives –whatever and wherever that lies.

As such we have designed a curriculum that develops life long learning skills of resilience, independence, team work and communication as well as providing pupils with the necessary knowledge and skills they need for that journey.

We believe firmly that the curriculum starts at the school gate and continues throughout the day through the ‘hidden curriculum’ as well as through the school curriculum. As a school we are continually striving for the very best and determined to create a curriculum for our children.

Please find below links to our school curriculum. You will find each subject listed and within each subject what each year group is covering during the year.

Please note that these long term plans cover a whole year and show what children should cover across a year. Where teachers want to prioritise areas of learning they will move things around to make them fit in better with the needs of their class.

For this reason it is really important to read the class termly letters which can be found on the individual class pages as these will give you a clear overview of what is being taught in each specific term.


Computing Yr 1 2 3 4 5 6

Design Technology


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling  YR-2    Yr3 -6


Maths Yr 1   2      5   6



School Phonics arrangements

Phonics Presentation for Parents


Letters and Sounds

Sounds Write