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Elm Class

Welcome to Elm Class pages where we hope you will find out all about our Year 6 children and what they have been learning.

Elm Class has 30 children and the class is taught by Mrs Hayes and Miss Watts and like the other classes they also get up to all kinds of fun learning!

Terms 3+4 Newsletter

Term 3 Home Learning

In Elm Class, the children have worked incredibly hard during Terms 1 & 2 2019 and had lots of exciting experiences.

We have read and evaluated the fantastic novel, Holes by Louis Sacher, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. They particularly liked watching the film and discussing the similarities and differences.

In Maths, we have recapped written and mental methods for the four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have learned about BIDMAS and practiced multiplying and dividing decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1000.

We have been busy in Science, researching about Carl Linneaus and his classification system; identifying different types of microorganism and experimenting with mould!

The children are expert artists and have used their drawing skills to create wallpaper designs based on William Morris patterns, sewn using various stitches and created accurate (and very impressive) pumpkin observational drawings.

Furthermore, we studied the Victorians in detail and found out lots of interesting facts about what life was like during that period of time. Miss Watts and I have tasted many a delicious Victoria sandwich cake!

Terms 1 & 2 were also filled with lots of singing, P.E, R.E and Hour of Code…

Finally, PGL was a huge hit back in October. The children all faced their own challenges and did amazingly well. I am proud of how each one behaved and performed, achieving their own personal goals. Fun memories were made by all.


Last year's fun learning is listed below:


 Update on our learning in Terms 5 and 6 2019

Term 5 & 6 have flown by for Elm Class – I can’t believe we will be saying Goodbye so soon and what a fantastic group of children they are!

They have shown true determination and perseverance through our SATs week, resulting in amazing results all round. They worked hard creating business ideas and putting together their products to sell to customers at Walkabout. After 5 weeks of costing, researching, designing and making, their Fiver Challenge was a real success – a total of £151.00 profit was made (each group had £5.00 to buy everything and I even charged them for photocopying!)

The play, Rock Bottom, was a Prehistoric Rock hit with family members, parents and the rest of the school. I was surprised by how quickly they learnt their lines and by their enthusiasm shown throughout long weeks of rehearsals. I am so proud of each of the children for their performances; those with solos were especially brave.

We have one week left to enjoy together. We will be designing our own potted sports activities, putting them into action and heading to the park on Friday 19th July for an afternoon of games. To complete this jam-packed, fun-filled term, we will say Good bye properly in our Leaver’s Service.

Thank you to all parent support this year, I really do admire the children and will miss them terribly.

Mrs Hayes


Terms 1 and 2 2018

What a wonderful term it has been!

We had the privilege of being invited to join the Airmans’ Corner Memorial Service in Lympne Church. The children were asked to say prayers and readings during the service and were given a limited edition centenary badge of a World War 1 aircraft, as a thank you for attending the service.

The children participated in a Boxfit sports activity, which enabled them to use boxing training as an opportunity to keep fit. The children also enjoyed a skateboarding assembly, with some impressive skills demonstrated! We completed our hockey sessions with our inter-team hockey tournament. The children played all 3 teams, with determination to win. The results will be announced during the final worship of the term.

The class had an opportunity to experience workshops with a past Lympne pupil, Morwenna, working for the charitable foundation W.E. The workshops were based on children’s varied life experiences from around the world.

The whole school had a wonderful afternoon at the Leas Cliff Hall pantomime of Dick Whittington. Numerous boo’s and cheer’s were heard across the school.

Finally, we were all overjoyed to hear of the birth of Mrs Hayes’ baby, Rose. Our best wishes go to you both, and we can’t wait for more visits in the New Year.