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Maple Class

Welcome to Maple Class pages where we hope you will find out all about our Year 1 children and what they have been learning.

Maple Class has 26 children and the class is taught by Miss Jessop with Mrs Alexandrou and Mrs Chapman supporting and like Willow Class they also get up to all kinds of fun learning!

T3+4 2020 Newsletter

T3 Home Learning 2020

 Term 1 + 2 2019 Update

Maple Class had a great start to the year learning about ‘The Snail and the Whale’ by Julia Donaldson in Term 1. We linked this to some great writing and even made our own clay snails in Art.

We had a strange start to Term 2 when a thief kept stealing things from our classroom and leaving behind codes for us to crack. Eventually we used our code cracking skills to find that the thief had been hiding our things in in library. Luckily, they haven’t returned!

In Science, we have been learning about different materials and have carried out lots of interesting investigations to learn about their properties like making protectors for Humpty Dumpty and testing materials to see which would be most suitable for the boats we were making in DT. In term 2 we continued our learning about materials, focusing on how we throw materials away and which materials can be recycled. Maple Class were concerned about the amount of plastic pollution in the oceans and decided that they wanted to have an art gallery to help them raise enough money to adopt a Turtle, which are one of the animals most affected by this issue. Maple Class worked really hard over the term to create pieces of art, posters, maps and fact files for the art gallery and managed to raise enough money to adopt a Hawksbill Sea Turtle which they called Rosie!


In term 2 Maple Class were also super busy rehearsing for our nativity ‘A Little Nativity’ and had a lot of fun performing to the school and their families.


For the last 2 weeks of Term, Maple Class were joined by Sprinkles the Elf who set them many Christmassy challenges to see if the children can earn a special treat. They did a really great job and in return Sprinkles organised an opportunity to have a video call with Santa in the North Pole which was an exciting opportunity for them to ask him lots of questions!



Last year's fun in Maple Class is listed below:

Terms 5 and 6

In Term 5 Maple Class were very lucky to take part in a Great Fire of London Drama Day, we had lots of fun and learnt a lot! During our Crafternoons we looked at pictures of the houses in the 1600’s and then made our own. We then burnt the houses on the playground on the last day of term!

We have also enjoyed learning about Jack and the Beanstalk, even though the Giant broke into our classroom, made a huge mess and took our cakes! We did lots of writing about the Giant and even worked together to write our own books and poems.

In Term 6 we have really enjoyed learning about London and the adventures of Paddington Bear. We wrote lots of letters to Paddington to help him find his way around London and recommend some fun things he could do. We then celebrated the end of term by bringing in our own teddies to have a party with Paddington!

During Sports Week Maple class had the opportunity to try lots of different activities including yoga, orienteering, maypole dancing, Zumba and we even played Quidditch!

We had a lovely sunny day at the Rare Breeds Centre and had an amazing time seeing the animals. We saw some cute piglets that had been born that morning and watched Miss Lewis and some Maple and Willow children take part in the pig racing, which was very funny!

Have an amazing summer and enjoy your exciting new journey in Cherry Class with Miss Farnfield!




Update on our learning in Terms 3 and 4

Maple Class have been enjoying learning about the fascinating life of Florence Nightingale. They have spent the term investigating how her work has changed hospitals, healthcare and the lives of women in the 1800’s. We also invited St Johns Ambulance in so we could learn more about medical care today. We were shown some basic first aid and had a great time looking around the ambulance and seeing all the interesting machines and equipment they use!


In Science, we have continued our learning about animals including humans from last term. Maple Class have been especially interested in the habitats animals live in and the food they eat!


We have enjoyed baking shortbread for mother’s day, even if we did have some failed attempts! This also tied in nicely with our maths learning about measurement because we needed to make sure our measuring was exact to make the perfect shortbread!


We also had a brilliant day celebrating World Book Day by pairing up with our buddies in other classes and sharing our favourite stories, creating our own stories and enjoying some hot chocolate!





Newsletter Terms 3+4 2019

Home Learning

Maple Class had a mysterious start to Term 2 when Miss Powney found a big egg in the cupboard. After a while, we noticed that the egg was starting to crack so we did lots of research into what the egg might be and where it might have come from.


A few days later, we came back into class after Worship to find the classroom was a huge mess and the egg was missing.


We went outside to hunt for clues and found huge footprints leading into the sensory garden. We wrote a recount of what happened so we could show Mr Owen. However, what happened to the egg is still a mystery, although we think a dinosaur may have come back for its egg.


In Science, we have continued our learning about materials from last term. This term we have focused our learning on how we throw materials away and which materials can be recycled. Maple Class were concerned about the amount of plastic pollution in the oceans and decided that they wanted to do a sponsored ‘Litter Pick’ to help them raise enough money to adopt a Turtle, which are the animal most affected by this issue. During Tray Share Evening on the 17th of December we will have an exhibition of some of the work we have done on this topic to raise awareness for our cause. Maple Class will then try to pledge a little amount of time over the Christmas break to do their Litter Pick.

In Art, we have continued to represent the seaside and the changing seasons using different artistic techniques. One of our favourite lessons was when we used natural materials from outside, big bits of fabric and ourselves to create big seaside pictures.

We have also been busy rehearsing for our Nativity ‘A King is Born’. We hope you enjoyed it if you came to watch us!

For the last 2 weeks, Maple Class will be getting to know Sprinkles the Elf who will be setting many Christmassy challenges to see if the children can earn a special treat! Maple Class have already had to make wrapping paper decorated in repeating patterns to help the Elves with their workload, and have sorted 3D shapes in different ways to help Santa organise the presents this Christmas.

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