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Year 6 PGL Update Monday/Tuesday Read On!

Arrival Monday


 After a safe arrival, the children were ready to start their adventure! We had a delicious first meal of sausage and vegetables, followed by an exciting and tense quiz night.

The potati (??? no idea what this is - maybe a group name!) took the trophy after scoring lots of points!

Back to the rooms we went for some chill (lots of sweets) time and lights out at 9.45pm. 12am,1am, 2:30am a busy night!!!!


First day Tuesday

It was an unwelcome 7am wake up call, after a long night!

We trudged off to breakfast which gave us all the energy we needed. Mrs Hayes’s group then went off to raft building, where everyone went swimming!

Sam and Maggie stayed on dry land (as did Mrs Hayes) but they worked hard to make sure the rest of the children got as wet as they could! Much fun was had all around. Warm showers and a change of clothes set them up for their next activity of rifle shooting. Rex had a super aim and never missed the target.

Lunch was a hearty sausage roll with salad and then the challenge course was enjoyed by all. Millie and Olivia conquered the tyres; Zach and Fergus completed the maze.

Our final activity for the day was Jacob’s ladder. Ayla reached the top followed closely by Grace!


More updates tomorrow!