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Oak Class

Welcome to Oak Class pages where we hope you will find out all about our Year 5 children and what they have been learning.

Oak Class has 30 children and the class is taught by Mrs Curtin, Mrs Drury and Mrs Ransley - like the other classes they also get up to all kinds of fun learning!


Last year's fun learning is listed below:

Update on our learning in Terms 5 and 6 2019

I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by and what an amazing year it has been!

In English, we have been reading Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo and the children all loved the story and even shed a few tears at the end! We have written super ship's logs, wonderful descriptive writing, informative newspaper reports and intense predictions for what we think would happen next! We also created maps, drew sunsets and researched animals that might be found on a desert island.

In Maths, we have been super busy learning all about fractions and decimals this term.  We are now super stars with our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division knowledge.

In Science, we have been learning about different animals including humans. The children were fascinated by the length of gestation periods and how this differs with different animals and how much they weigh!

We had an amazing Drama workshop at Brockhill Performing Arts College, which took us on a journey back in time to the Aztecs and then we had an adventure at the country park. Luckily the rain stayed away! I was so impressed with the childrens behavior throughout the day! Oak Class loved experiencing lots of different activities in sports week, particularly the Kidditch!

Have a super summer break! You deserve it! ​


Update on our learning in Terms 3 and 4 2019

Wow, what an amazing term for Oak Class!

We had an incredible time at Kingswood and the children all pushed themselves out of their comfort zone to try new challenges. They made new friendships and got to know each other that little bit better!

In English, we focused on persuasive writing and looked at the impact of Deforestation. Oak Class became extremely passionate about the causes of deforestation and wrote persuasive scripts to raise awareness. We then recorded these to spread the word! Watch this space for the videos being uploaded on to the website! David Attenborough would be proud!

We have been very busy in Maths and have learnt to multiply and divide more than 4 digit numbers. Focusing on using our concrete, pictorial and abstract forms of working. We have started to learning about improper fractions and mixed numbers.  

The children absolutely loved learning about the Aztecs. We learnt about the Aztec Gods; what Aztec life was like; how they became to be and how they came to an end and why so many people were sacrificed. We ended our topic by having an Aztec day where we made the Aztec city Tenochtitlan; played Ullamaliztli (Aztec ball game) and we had an Aztec feast, thank you again for your kind donations.

In Science, we have been learning about different kinds of forces. They explored air and water resistance; newton meters and gravity. Alongside this, we have continued to work scientifically.

Bring on term 5!



Year 5 residential update

Wow! What an amazing second day! After a rather early wake up...we headed down to cooked breakfast to fuel for our fun packed day! We had children shooting arrows, climbing up the high equilibrium, fencing, scoring goals on a trampoline, soaring down the zip wire, lots of wonderful team work and celebrating Maggies 10th birthday with chocolate cake!!! We are now enjoying popcorn and sweets from the lovely PTFA in our move night! One more day to go!!

Lots of photos on this link:

 You will see your babies tomorrow!

Everybody arrived all super excited ready for our fun filled couple of days away! All children settled in to their rooms well and made their own beds (with only a little help from teachers). Our first activity was mini Olympics which they all really enjoyed. Followed by lasagne and pasta for dinner! Yum! After that, group one had fencing and group two had an obstacle course challenge! Everyone is now tucked up in bed ready for the excitement of day two!​

 Bright and early for Mr Owen - but the boys in general slept soundly and were really good. Not sure about the girls as yet! The hot chocolate before bed obviously made a huge difference.


Oak Class has 30 children and the class is taught by Miss Durham and Mrs Moulin like the other classes they also get up to all kinds of fun learning!

Terms 3 and 4 Newsletter

Home learning T4

Oak Class have had an extremely busy but wonderful term.

In English, we have learnt to write a set of instructions, focusing on all different types of recipes. We learnt to make sure we are super specific when telling our readers what to do, especially so that Miss Durham doesn’t paint on the table again!

In the second half of the term, we found out that Britain was going to war and we needed to try and persuade Theresa May why we should not go to war! We worked on our persuasive language skills and our choice of vocabulary to persuade her!

In Maths, we have been learning to add and subtract with missing numbers and complex multi-step word problems! All of Oak Class have shown great endurance within Maths this term!

In History, the children have had a lot of fun learning about what life was like during World War One. We have made propaganda posters, learnt how different school life was, how our homes would have looked and made some beautiful poppies for our display.

We have become scientists this term! We have been focusing on properties and changes of materials by taking part in lots of experiments and learning how to work scientifically! We can predict what might happen, record our results, describe our method and record our data in a graph. What brilliant Albert Einstein’s in the making!

I hope the children have had fun this term and enjoy the much needed Christmas break! ​

Term 1+2 Newsletter

Term 2 Home Learning

Term 2 Spellings