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School Improvement Priorities


As a school we regularly review and evaluate ourselves and the education we are providing for our pupils in order that we can ensure we are offering the very best we possibly can.

Once we have analysed the strengths and weaknesses we then develop a School Improvement Plan (SIP) which clearly outlines the steps we will be taking to ensure the school moves forward and achieves the goals we have set ourselves.

This year the school has seven very clear aims and each year will consult staff, parents and the wider community regarding the key priorities for the school.

1. Vision and Leadership - To ensure that middle and senior leaders are able to lead their relevant responibilities effectively.

2. Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills - To ensure the school's curriculum and assessment  is relevant, engaging and ambitious for all pupils.

3. Character Development - Hope, Aspiration and Courageous Advocacy - To ensure the curriculum provides appropriate opportunities for all pupils across the school to develop resileince, confidence and independence.

4. Community and Living Well Together - To ensure that all pupils feel safe, are able to articulate thier views, are listened to, and appropriate action is taken.

5. Dignity and Respect - To ensure the wellbeing of our community is our highest concern.

6. Impact of Collective Worship - To ensure a greater role for pupils and staff in delivering inspiring and engaging worship across the school.

7. Effectiveness of Religious Education - To ensure the teaching of RE is of an excellent standard.