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Bewl Water 2023

Day 1 - 3rd July

We've arrived!!  After a quick welcome chat, we headed to our rooms to make the beds...a handful found this tricky but we all have bed!  Then a spot of lunch - jacket potato or a sandwich with a range of fillings followed by homemade flapjack and then it was off to canoeing. 









Gathering our oars and canoes, we got into the water and we were towed to the other side of Bewl.  Holding onto the canoes, we gathered in a line before playing games.  First one was to stand up, turn then jump so that we became used to the wobble.  Then, swop with someone else in another canoe.  We did this several times until we were all back in our seats.  Using the oars, we then rowed around collecting tennis balls that were launched in the water - who could collect the most?  For our final game, we had to give our team a name, collect the tennis balls from the water and then try to throw them into another team's canoe.  They would then be called our team.  The winner was the team that all canoes were named after.  A few of us 'fell' in.  We're not convinced this was an accident!

Back on main land, we were quick to head back to the Centre to dry off, have a shower and enjoy a warming hot chocolate. 

We had time to play a few games then settled for some pizza and chips.  A long walk after dinner took us around one side of the water; many commented on how beautiful it is here.

Back home it was ready for bed, more hot chocolate with cookies, a quick Play run through, reading Wolf Brother then off to bed. 

Next stop?  Dreamland...we hope!


Day 2 - 4th July

After a good sleep - at least 6 hours for some - we had a good cooked breakfast before separating into three groups.  Mr Owen and Keeley joined us today too.  Over the morning, we took part in two of three activities: Group 1 started with Archery then Axe Throwing; Group 2 had Climbing and Archery; Group 3 had Axe Throwing and Climbing.  

Group 1

Group 2


Group 3


After lunch - tomato pasta bake - we made our way back down to the water's edge for Raft Building.  We learned how to tie the knots, build the rafts before carrying them into the water.  Again we were towed out to deeper water, played a few games and then rowed our way back to shore.  Some of us had no choice but fall in as one of the barrels began to escape its rope hold!  Much joy was heard from the opposite raft!

Once back on shore and the rafts had been dismantled, we then played a quick game of Mexican Waves in the water...hopefully, the video will upload.


After burgers, hotdog and chips, we miraculously dodged the rain and managed to get to the play park.  Fun had by all. 

Again, we got back for hot chocolate and cookies, and more Wolf Brother. 

Dreamland came much swifter this earlier update as they were all asleep by 11; they were exhausted but happy. 

Day 3 - 5th July

   A great sleep had by all...including staff...and we had a super start by having our cooked breakfast.  Then it was the onerous task of stripping beds (easier than making but still a challenge for some to count to three pieces of linen!) and packing the bags.  Admittedly, some socks have not made it home but we feel you would be grateful for this.  All the children rejected the crusty offerings found in the drying room.

  Bags packed, we were then able to take part in our third and final session of the round robin activities from yesterday.

  Group 1

  Group 2

  Group 3

They have now split themselves up into five groups and are off Code Breaking around the site testing their map reading skills...

  Lunch is at 12:15pm and as soon as the coach has arrived, we will be on our way home.

  See you soon!