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As a school we wholeheartedly believe that our role is to ensure that the children who attend Lympne School ‘Grow Together and Branch Out’.

As such we believe that one of our principle roles is to open the eyes and hearts of our pupils to the world of possibilities that lies before them and to encourage them to marvel in the excitement and beauty of life itself.

More than anything we want our children to leave our school with the confidence and skills they need to approach the next exciting step in their lives –whatever and wherever that lies.

We have developed a Curriculum Policy which clearly outlines our Intent, Implementation and Impact - more details of which can be found here:

Curriculum Policy

Before the outbreak of C19 we had made great strides with the development of a new curriculum model for Lympne School.

For September 2020-21, we were ready to go with our new model, but due to C19 developments we had to make some inital major changes and put off its implementation in full.

Our plan now is to ensure that we start September 2021 fully embracing this new curriculum, making the relevant adjustments for lost learning, to ensure the best outcomes for children. We will look forward to evaluating our journey and celebrating our successes, but we recognise that this is just the start and we may well need to make revisions at this early stage, and as our curriculum moves forward. As a result of the curriculum being at such an early stage of implementation, we have developed a Curriculum Improvement Plan to review our progress and plan our steps forward. A copy of this is available from the office alongsie our School Improvement Plan.

Please note Key vocabulary is highlighted in Yellow.

Individuals of cultural note in Blue.

End points for KS2 highlighted in Green.


Art 2021  Yr1+2    Yr3+4   Yr5+6    

Computing 2020 Yr1+2  Yr3+4  Yr5+6


DT 2020 Yr1+2 Yr3+4 Yr5+6


Geography 2020 Yr1+2 Yr3+4 Yr5+6

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 2020 Yr1+2  Yr3+4 Yr5+6

History 2021.22 Yr1+2 Yr3+4 Yr5+6

History 2022.23 Yr1+2  Yr3+4  Yr5+6



Maths 2020 Yr1+2 Yr3+4 Yr5+6

PE 2020 Yr1+2   Yr3+4 Yr5+6

Music 2020 Yr1+2  Yr3+4 Yr5+6

MFL 2020   MFL 3+4

MFL 2020    MFL 5+6

Religious Education 2022

Year 1 RE

Year 2 RE

Year 3 RE

Year 4 RE

Year 5 RE

Year 6 RE


Phonics Knowledge and skills progression

Phonics  phase expectations by term and year

Reading and Writing 2021 Yr1+2 Yr3+4 Yr5+6

Reading Scheme - Details of organisation

Science 2020 Yr1+2 Yr3+4 Yr5+6

 EYFS Progression

 RSE/PSHE - Jigsaw Yr R-6