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Kent Test/PESE/11+

Each year we have a number of children choosing to take the Kent Test. This test provides children with an opportunity to show that they are able to work at the standards set by Grammar Schools. Children need to take this test and pass it to meet the admissions criteria of Grammar Schools.

Locally, the Harvey Grammar and Folkestone School for Girls, both have their own admissions tests which take place during the same week as the Kent Test. Children can choose to take this test as well as the Kent Test and certainly if you are considering applying for a Grammar School place at either of the schools, we would recommend that you enter your child for this as well. In our experience the local Grammar School tests seem to be slighlty easier than the Kent Test and they give your child a second chance, so to speak.

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KCC Admissions

Harvey Grammar School

Folkestone School for Girls


Registrations for the Kent Test open on the 1st June 2022 and close on the 1st July 2022 for children due to start secondary school in September 2023.

Current Timeline - we are waiting for an updated one for 22.23

Key dates for Parents 2021-22


Registration for Kent Test opens



1 June 2021


Online Special Arrangements form available


From 1 June 2021



Closing date for registration



1 July 2021


Lists of children registered for testing sent to schools.



5 July 2021


Deadline for special arrangements requests



12 July 2021


Kent Test date



9 September 2021


HTAs referrals to be lodged and evidence provided by schools



4 October 2021


HTA Panels sit



From 5 October 2021


HTA Results to schools



By 15 October 2021


Results to parents



21 October 2021


 Please note that local Grammar Schools will also require you to register with them your intention to take their own test. The window for this is usually the same as the Kent Test - please keep checking their websites.



 Please bear in mind that different local authorities have different tests so you need to look at the format of the Kent questions. Look here for the Kent sample materials:

 Below you will find some examples of sites which provide practice papers and tests. We are not promoting or endorsing any of the sites here, just providing some links.



A site with a wide range of advice, tips and links to other sites:


This site also has a guide to say which type of questions are included in the Kent test which can help when you are using free or purchase materials.


Verbal Reasoning:


Try the free demo for free non-verbal reasoning questions:


You will need to register to access the free resources.







Non-verbal reasoning paper with answers