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Maple Class


Welcome to Maple Class pages where we hope you will find out all about our Year 1 children and what they have been learning.

Maple Class has 30 children and the class is taught by Miss Bell with Mrs Kriehn and Mrs Sharp supporting and like Willow Class they also get up to all kinds of fun learning!

Newsletter Term 5

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Term 3+ 4 2022 

What an amazing two terms we have had in Maple Class!

Firstly, we had our super space topic where we thought about ‘Where will our rockets take us?’ We investigated different plants, experimented with different artwork and explored different planets in our solar system. We even got in a planetarium to view the stars and planets, which was kindly funded by Friends of Lympne and we are very grateful for this experience. We also had our space party with a picnic, lots of crafts and our art exhibition to show all the children’s fantastic artwork. The children looked amazing!

In Term 4, we have been thinking about ‘Who lives in a castle?’ We have explored different kings and queens, learnt about what is inside and outside a castle and different jobs within a castle. In English, we have explored lots of traditional fairy tales and furthering our knowledge of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ in Music. We have written our own fairy tales and even written letters to the Queen! We finished our topic with a medieval banquet and explored lots of foods that Kings, Queens and even peasants would eat! We have also been thinking lots about ‘signs of Spring’ and had a walk to see what we could recognise and find!

We have had an amazing trip to the church where we thought about ‘Why do Christians celebrate Easter?’ The children loved exploring different stations and created their own Easter gardens. We also looked at Lympne Castle and looked for different features that we had learnt about.

We have experienced a huge range of sports this term. In Term 3, we did gymnastics and the children were amazing at showing their skills in our competition. We have finished this term with a hockey competition and the children were absolutely brilliant! We have also tried dodgeball, American Football and a trip to the Three Hills to try lots of inclusive sports. This was inspiring and the children thoroughly enjoyed exploring each sport.

Finally, to finish this term, we had a surprise Easter Egg Hunt and even more of a surprise, snow!


Term 1 + 2 2021

Maple Class have had an amazing Term 1 and 2! They have settled in really well into Key Stage 1 and back into school. In Term One, we focused on our vehicle ‘Amazing Me’ and amazing individuals, our amazing bodies and our environment. We have been on a bear hunt and explored all the different places with our senses.


We have been on a walk around Lympne and planned our routes through our observations. We have also made bird feeders to help feed our birds.

In Term 2, we have been thinking all about vehicles and journeys. We have been on lots of different journeys with the Snail and the Whale and also visited the Polar Regions and learnt lots all about the Arctic and Antarctic animals, environments and landscapes!

We created our own vehicles to save the whale from being beached in our story. These were amazing and the children really thought about their designing, creating and evaluating our vehicles.

We have also been on a trip to the church to create Christingles! The children really enjoyed this and we learnt lots about Christingles and found lots of different signs of Christmas for our RE topic! Finally, we performed our Nativity ‘A Happy Clappy Nativity.’ The children were stars and we hope you enjoyed their amazing singing and dancing!