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Art Competition

Art Competitions across the year!


Dear Parents/Carers of all classes.


We are excited to announce the launch of an exciting termly Art competition which is open to every year group.


The idea of the Art competition is to further raise the profile of Art within school and give our talented artists, which we know we have, an opportunity to shine in school.


Each term we will select either a theme of an artist, or both, for children to create a piece of Art in the style of. When the piece of Art is completed we would like it brought into school so that it can be shown and displayed. At the end of the term a winner from KS1 and KS2 will be chosen and a prize awarded.


Please note this is a purely optional competition and work on this should be completed at home.


The first of our competitions is in the style of Any Warhol, as such children should try to emulate his distinct style.

Designs need to be returned to class teachers by Friday, 24th March 2023. Please ensure your child’s name is on the back. We look forward to seeing your entries


Best wishes,