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Smartie Tubes Coming Home next week!

Smarties Tube Challenge

Before the half term, every child will be sent home with a tube of Smarties from the FOLs as an incentive to start raising money towards improving the sensory garden.

We feel that it is important that the children not only benefit from fundraising for new school facilities but also take a very positive and active part in helping to raise that money too. So, with that in mind we have set the children the Smarties challenge!

Children will be given a tube in class week commencing 7th February and told about the challenge.

When your child has eaten their Smarties keep the tube, because we are challenging them to work hard at home to earn coins (any change you have, £1 coins, or if you’re feeling extremely generous notes!) to fill their Smartie tubes in return for hard work and good behaviour.

How they can earn the money is up to you, but it really can be in any way you can imagine, washing the pots, clearing the garden, writing the shopping list, being well behaved, helping to wash the car, cleaning out family pets, keeping their room clean, taking out the wheelie bins, the options are endless and only limited by your imagination and your child's own efforts!

They don't have to just earn it at home, as they can do jobs for friends and family too if you will let them! We hope that you can use Tapestry or Seesaw to keep other pupils informed of how their classmates have raised their money. AND there is a special prize for the class that raises the most money!

We’d like to express our thanks to Waitrose, Hythe who have donated the Smarties for the children to enjoy.

If your child cannot have smarties, we will source an alternative. Please let us know via email