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Talent Show

KS2 Talent Show


Dear Parents,


We would like to offer the opportunity to our children to present their talent in front of the whole school. We know that children in Lympne are taking a great part in all sorts of after school clubs and we would like to celebrate their success.


This year, we came up with the idea of creating a Talent Show at the school where children can perform on the stage in front of their peers. Without a doubt, it is a great opportunity to learn how to present yourself in front of an audience, overcome a stage fear and collaborate with the other children in order to create an outstanding performance.


We are looking at a vast range of talents from singing, dancing, karate movements, gymnastic routines to skateboard tricks, magician tricks and joke telling. Children will need to come up with their own 2-minute performance, which might have music, and/or an outfit etc.


We also appreciate that not all talents can be performed on school’s stage (maybe you are a fast runner, motorbike rider, an artist), therefore we would like to ask you to send us a short 5/10 second video of your child, perhaps, crossing a finish line, getting a trophy or a fast forward video of them creating a masterpiece. All the videos will be put into a film, which will be shown at the talent show. (If you choose to do this, you will be consenting to the video being shared.)


Nevertheless, we appreciate that life is very busy, therefore we are giving children substantial amount of time to come up with something they will be proud of. We are looking at starting auditions on 13th March onwards. The Show itself will take place on the 28th March. We are encouraging children from Y3 to Y6 to take part in our epic event and Key Stage 1 will have something to look forward to… (tbc)


As well as having auditions for our talented performances, we will need to find two enthusiastic, lively and animated presenters to help run our show, alongside our Head Boy and Girl. We therefore would like to give Y5 and Y6 children the opportunity to put themselves in presenters’ shoes.


“We hope children and you are just as excited as we are! Get ready for the lights, camera, action”,


Thank you for your continuous support!


by Maggie and Tom.  (Head Boy and Girl)


For sending videos and more information, please contact Mrs Boler on this email address:


Best wishes,


Lympne school.