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Welcome to Oak Class pages where we hope you will find out all about our Year 5 children and what they have been learning.

Oak Class has 30 children and the class is taught by Mrs Hayes, Mrs Clayton and Ms Watts - like the other classes they also get up to all kinds of fun learning!

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T 3+4 2022


Oak Class have had an action packed Term 3 and have taken all the changes in their stride like the true superstars they are.

Term 3 had a sweet treat to kick start it with chocolate tasting – yummy.  As part of their Fairtrade project, Oak class carried out a blind taste test.  Fairtrade chocolate came out the favourite.  From here they began their healthy cereal bar project, looking in detail at ingredients, nutritional values and packaging.  Then of course came the best part, making them.  It was sticky but fun and of course delicious.

In Science, Oak Class have been looking at the topic of Living Things and Their Habitats.  We were looked closely at the life cycle of a bird and examined the inside of chicken and duck eggs to see where it all began – we had a cracking time; it was eggscellent!  We then looked at the life cycle of a amphibians and acted out being frogs laying eggs with bird seed and plastic cups.


In RE we created a conscience alley and ‘Pharoah’ and ‘Moses’ were advised by Oak Class as to the right decision to make in relation to God’s People.  I can see some budding actors amongst Oak Class already.

It has been a busy term and the children have eggscelled in their learning (sorry - last one). 

In Term 4, we started off with our hook for ‘Should I stay or should I go?’ question.  Oak class were given 10 planks to form a bridge and communicate as a team to cross the ‘infested water’.

Moving on from this, they created paper bridges that had to be able to stand on its own and be able to hold a weighted object.  After our DT lessons on different types of bridges, Oak class created Truss bridges using spaghetti and marshmallows.

In science, they have been learning about forces and carrying out lots of investigations.  Their levers investigation was to identify different types of levers and locate the fulcrum, effort and load and create their own catapult lever; they created pulley systems to lift filled containers; tested different surfaces with ramps and cars in their friction investigation and even tested Galileo’s theory.


Oak class have developed their suspense and mystery writing, using The Viewer by Gary Crew as their stimulus.  Along with the intriguing story, the illustrations through history really captured their imagination and led to in depth discussions and predicting, culminating in writing their own alternative ending.

Term 4 ended with celebrating Easter and a fun Easter hunt – they have worked so hard and need half term as they must be eggshausted (sorry could not resist the very last one).


Wishing you all a wonderful half term and a Happy Easter.

Mrs Clayton and Miss Watts

 T1+2 2021


Oak Class have had an interesting and jam-packed year so far! They have all been working extremely hard and have settled back in to the school routine brilliantly. I am particularly proud of how well they have adapted to me teaching from a screen!

We have learnt lots already and had some fascinating topics covered. In Term 1, we read the epic story of Beowulf and the children wrote their own legends, which were really very good. We spent lots of time covering the Vikings and Anglo Saxons and crafted our own armour.

This term, we have immersed ourselves in World War One, which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. We started by baking some traditional war time biscuits, which the children found very tasty – much to my surprise! We are ending the topic by designing and building our own trench models.





We have discussed in detail about what war must have been like for both the soldiers and animals; the children have been hooked on finding out as much as possible and our text ‘War Horse’ has opened their eyes to lots of the sad truths.

The children have worked extremely hard this past term. They have learnt new things and revised past learning, along with written lots! I really noticed a difference in progress this term in particular and this has been reflected in their great assessment scores.

I hope you all have a super Christmas break and I can’t wait to see you all (albeit behind a screen) in January. Stay safe.

Mrs Hayes and Miss Watts