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Our Worship

In normal times at Lympne Primary School pupils attend Collective Worship each day in the school hall. Depending on the situation we find ourselves in, in relation to Covid 19, this may happen remotely with children participating in class.

Wherever the worship takes place, we always provide children with an opportunity to participate - should they wish; a chance to reflect and think about their lives, their place within the world and their own personal values as well as a chance to hear a Christian message.

Worship is led by the staff; the Spiritual Council and once a week by a representative from the local parish church, normally the vicar.

From time to time, other Christian leaders are invited into school to lead the worship alongside a member of staff.

The school plans its worship on a yearly cycle using a combination of themes based on what the school feels important; relevant church year themes; ideas from the Canterbury Diocese and from a range of online worship ideas. A link to which can be found here.

One of the Spiritual Council's roles in school is to take worship as a group and lead it for the whole school - following the model of William and Lucy lead Collective Worship from the diocese of Canterbury. A link to which can be found here.

Worship typically involves the lighting of a candle, prayer, singing, stories/ messages from the Bible and a great deal of interaction.

We hope that this enables children to come together as a school community and to share common values and thoughts.