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PE Premium

PE is something we are deeply passionate about at Lympne. We are the current award winner's of Shepway Sports Trust's PE Primary School of the Year.

Over the past few years we have provided pupils with a wide range of sporting experiences in line with our philosophy and vision statement to open children’s eyes and hearts to the possibilities before them.

We firmly believe that there is a sport for every child and that every child can succeed.

We recognise that sports like football and cricket are readily accessible for our children and that while many children like these sports not all children do.

For this reason we choose a wide range of sports and opportunities for our pupils: pickleball, lacrosse, scooting, gymnastics, dance, tennis, paddleboarding, kayaking, boxing and skateboarding to mention just a few. We hope by doing so we can capture their interest and inspire them to gain a lifelong love of sport.

The school has gone from strength to strength in its PE provision and won Shepway Sports Trust's Primary School of the Year for our PE developments in 2019. Alongside this, the school currently holds a Gold Sports Games Mark for its endeavours to ensure that all children have the opportunity to experience a range of sports in a host of competitive environments.

 The school vision for PE is that we want our pupils to gain a lifelong love of sport and an awareness of the importance of its role in providing a healthy lifestyle.

 We run a range of clubs, hold an array of experiences and take part in a plethora of competitions.


Our Key aims for 2021-22.


  • Re-set PE provision this forthcoming year 2021-22 Post Covid 19. The focus will be on hopefully reaching the excellent provision that we had pre lockdown. Once this is re-established and in place we will then seek to build on these successes.
  •  Ensure that every child continues to have at least 2 hours of taught PE a week; in addition to opportunities for the Golden Mile; additional sporting opportunities through one off events, competitions and regular clubs.
  • We will continue to offer intra competitions throughout each term and when it is permissible to attend regular inter school competitions.
  • Restart After School Club sporting provision Post Covid19. We will look further to provide a wider choice of opportunities to KS1 children and free spaces for pupil premium.
  • Reintroduction of scrap play at lunchtimes.
  • Post Covid 19 re-establishment in the Sports Council through a restart of the council in Term 1.
  • Ensure swimming in KS2 is started again for Year 3 and 4.
  • Reintroduction of play leaders with training provided for them.
  • We trialled water sports across two classes this year and we are looking to offer more children the opportunity to take part in SUPing, kayaking etc.
  • Ensure new ECT teachers have opportunities to develop their practice.


For more details on how we intend to spend our PE grant please see the link below:

PE Premium Grant 2021-22

For details of the number of children reaching the required standards in swimming please see the information below:

  •  85% of children can swim 25 m+ - of these 87% of Girls (14/16) and 85% of Boys (12/14)
  • 76% (23/30) of children can use a range of swimming strokes effectively.
  • 65% (20/30) of children can perform self rescue in different water based situations.
  • 50% (15/30) of children have achieved a swimming award.