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School Improvement Priorities


As a school we regularly review and evaluate ourselves and the education we are providing for our pupils in order that we can ensure we are offering the very best we possibly can.

Once we have analysed the strengths and weaknesses of the school and our provision we then develop a School Improvement Plan (SIP) which clearly outlines the steps we will be taking to ensure the school moves forward and achieves the goals we have set ourselves.



Our Key Priorities (among others):

  • Ensure our new school curriculum is implemented in its entirety; that it engages pupils and improves outcomes.
  • Ensure staff training enables all staff within school to effectively lead and support the learning within the school community.
  • Ensure RSE curriculum is implemented effectively.
  • Ensure pupils' roles within school are re-established and their ideas shared effectively.
  •  Ensure leadership at all levels develops effectively.

 A full copy of the plan is available on request from the school office.